Do you do brand collaborations?

yes I do I do everything from company logos, album covers , books and even wine labels - just flick me an email

 Do you do wall murals?

yes i do best way is flick me an email and we can work it out from there  

Do you do private commission portrait ?

yes I do , best way is to send me three photos of what you are thinking and I can contact you with a price etc you will need to put a 50% deposit down - I don’t do portraits in realtime.  

I would like one of your paintings in another colour ?

I can do that let me know which one and what colours and we can go from there. it comes under the terms and conditions of a private commission so you will need to but a 50% deposit down

 I would like one of your paintings in another size ?

great you can order in a print- framed or not framed or I can have it printed on a canvas to the size of your choice -flick an email