It’s the simple things ..

Tony La Chiusa is a Self -taught Australian Contemporary Artist from Tamworth NSW . Tony’s inspiration comes from all facets of life. Mesmerised by one’s individual spirt, immersing himself deeply within bringing life to canvas.

Specialising in large statement acrylic, ink and mixed medium on canvas paintings. across a diverse array of genres. Including textured abstracts, urban-street raw, spiritual and romantic works, to his popular "iconic and pop culture portraits, Tony’s works are well recognised by his signature bleeds. Please feel free to send any questions you have regarding Art - Murals & Collaborations to -

“Thanks for stopping by - Cheers”- Tony La Chiusa

The chances are that if you’ve come across Tony La Chiusa artwork you’ll remember it
— Erin Miller- Downtown Magazine
Tony La Chiusa is among that rare breed who move seamlessly between both hemispheres of the brain
— Mark Bode, The Northern Daily Leader

“Each piece is always evolving, communicating a unique lingering energy, but with a trajectory that is completely personal and left to the anticipation of the beholder”

- Tony - La Chiusa